Sunday, April 26, 2009

Setting up my work area

We have made the move - from a beautiful old Victorian (well, it will be beautiful when everything gets fixed) to a soaring contemporary that was based on a Frank Lloyd Wright design. We thought we were going to downsize, but, it didn't work out that way. This is a small town and choices were limited. I finally have a kitchen with MORE cupboards than I need and closets in every room - and , of course, room to spread out my beading. Yeah, right - by the time I had everything where I wanted it, the beading area became but a small corner of the office - just about as much space as before.

It was wonderful to get acquainted with all my pretties again. I am bursting with new ideas and just have to make the time to bring the creations in my head to life.


ChezChani said...

There may be more cabinets than you need NOW but you will fill them and eventually it not be more than you need, I bet. I loved from a tiny condo that I shared to a nice size house that I do not share and still, I've run out of room.
Best of luck with the new house and Ken, keep up that gardening!

A Beaded Affair said...

I've always loved your work and look forward to seeing more in the near future. Hope the move wasn't too stressful and you find time to create.

Mary Anne Gruen said...

I'm sooo jealous of all your new space! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Barbara, I am so glad to see you and Ken back at esmarts! We've missed you and thought of both of you often, hoping everything was going well! Glad to hear you're both OK! Teri

MyGemStoneBox by Diane said...

Hello you two! Hope all is well. Come visit my blog and get your well deserved blog award!
All the best,