Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Holidays to all

First off Barb and I have not done a good job maintaining our blog. She had to pull away from Etsy somewhat due to her having been hired as a pastor (Presbyterian) serving 2 smaller churches. Although she is on a 3/4 time contract she has been putting in full time plus just to catch up with lots of things the previous pastor let slide. When we were able to get into her small office there were piles upon piles of mail, promotional items, etc. that did not seem to be handled plus he had not called on members or given communion for some time.

She has been relisting some items and made a sale or two. We put on free shipping but may need to also run a good sale after Christmas to move some inventory. Time will tell.

I had not read all the postings on the forum but I get the sense that we are not the only ones coming up short on what we thought and hoped would be our sales; perhaps a good part of this is the economy as we all know how badly retail sales all over are faring in what should be the best months of the year.

Barb continues to sneak away into her workshop once in a while to make something new but we have not listed anything on Etsy for some time. This is not where we wanted to be but such is life and the realization that only so much can be done at a time.

Our winter so far has been almost a repeat of last December - way too much snow. Another large storm is due in tonight into tomorrow (Friday, 12/19). Barb already had a brush with a semi on the Interstate and, luckily, came out of it with only some repairs to her driver's side door. We are darned lucky that she was not pulled under the semi or thrown from the roadway. Although very stiff from the stress and some bumping around she is ok and did manage to keep the car on the roadway and make it home safely.

We want to wish everyone the very best for the holidays, regardless of what celebrations or what faiths. Barb is working on her Christmas Eve materials and is very much into the season in that manner.

Our best to all, Barb and Ken Merwin, Magpiedreams