Saturday, February 7, 2009

Our BIG move and leave of absence from Etsy, etc.


As I've written before wife Barb took a pastor position at 2 churches in central Wisconsin. A near brush on the Interstate in a white-out caused by a semi and the realization that we live too far away from the communities to easily be a part of the school functions, etc. the members and their families are involved in (over 100 miles round trip) we've went into "crash" mode and decided to move ASAP up to the community with the church where her office is located, Westfield Wisconsin.

This move will, when done, reduce greatly the stress of winter driving, the long distance and time to get to members in the hospital, just to call, etc. and, long run, become our retirement area (we're both 62 and mindful of retirement moreso than even 10 years ago.

As much as Barb loves some time making jewelry, managing her Etsy listings, etc. this activity just is not happening and, likely, will not happen until after the move and getting her workshop set up. The house we bought has a room that just begs for her workshop and our home office instead of the way we have things now in several rooms.

We expect to close by the end of February, then hopefully get the entire move process done by the end of March. Each trip we make up to the churches once we close will have both of our cars full to the roofs (need to leave space to see out the back windows) with the delicates including her jewelry and supplies, then we'll have to rent the largest U-Haul and perhaps even a trailer and, hopefully, have some big, strong guys from the churches as well as our children and oldest grandson and whoever else we can corral with pizza, beer, etc. to help with the heavier stuff.

So we need to take a break from Etsy (I'd announced a 25% off sale on the eSmarts blog as well as continued free shipping) but with the economy as it is, etc. we have not had too many takers to will be moving the items listed and the shipping supplies first so we can hopefully ship out any orders without delay.

We hope all of you are having a great year so far; in between lots of sorting, packing, etc. I "relax" by watching CNN for the dismal news on our economy, the hopes for that "silver bullet" that will reverse the horrid trends in layoffs and unemployment, etc. It does not help my stress level but it does help in realizing that we are buying a house for less than what it is assessed for (just went into foreclosure so we had to buy at a Sheriff's sale) and, fortunately, we had enough equity in our current home to come up with the down payment for the new place. We hope to rent our current home although my goal, once the local real estate market improves, is to sell it and focus on just one house.

Our best, Ken and Barb Merwin of Magpiedreams


Studio618 said...

Ken & Barb, good luck with the big move. I can just see your community and families coming together for both of you wonderful people. Sounds like it will be a smart move with only benefits - dedicated work room/shop, less commuting so more time for jewelry making and saving the environment.

We can't wait to hear from you once you are settled.


KimberlyRies said...

Ken & Barb, I wish you luck in your move and your new home. It sounds like a good opportunity to be closer to the church. I hope it eases the stress load for you both. We'll miss you guys on etsy, etc. Take care!


Jamie said...

Good luck with your move! Please be sure to keep us updated with your happenings and events when you get settled in!

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ChezChani said...

Best of luck to you both. It's stressful but an exciting time as well. Enjoy your new home and community!

Glass0Beads said...

As of 2009, I have averaged a move every 2 years. It helped keep down that 'clutter' that will be useful 'someday.' Now I live with my sister and 'we are never moving again.' I content myself with setting up boobytraps in my bedroom & workroom. And I've even got my sister thinking about moving the furniture. But just around the room, not to another address.
The sense of adventure I think is what draws me. I've lived in northern and central Ontario, Lower Mainland of British Columbia, and even 2 years in Yukon Territory. I've gained more than I have lost.
To do God's work, bringing solace and joy, and exercising the talents God has given: I can't think of much better than this.
All the best in your moves.
Helen Glass0Beads