Thursday, July 24, 2008

eSmarts group

About 2 months ago wife Barb (magpiedreams) saw a post in one of her Yahoo groups about a new group being formed around their usage of Etsy, the online marketplace for hand-crafted goods.

So she joined and, shortly thereafter, so did I. From this growing group I've learned more about the role of promotion, use of a blog, etc. to help promote our jewelry sales on Etsy and other venues.

This group now has it's own blog and various members are taking turns adding posts. We have not done this yet but hope to take our turn in the near future. Meanwhile I continue to practice designing our own blog, adding pictures of jewelry Barb has made, linking to our Etsy storefront, etc.

Here is the link to the eSmarts blog:

On the right hand side is a listing of all the blogs of the members of Esmarts. We encourage you to visit these to learn more about the artists, view some of their works and, in many cases, find their links to their own Etsy storefronts.

Barb and Ken (magpiedreams)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Magpiedreams 1st craft sale!

Barb Merwin manning her table at Magpiedreams very first craft sale - in October, 2005, at First Presbyterian Church in Cambria, WI. The event was the annual Welsh Gymanfu Ganu (songfest) and Barb had created a number of pieces using the Welsh dragon as the focal piece.