Friday, August 22, 2008

Christmas in August

On August 21st the long awaited box finally arrived! It was a large order from a wholesale source for beading materials. Wife Barb was ecstatic as she dropped what she was doing – listing more items on Etsy – and began opening the box, examining the packing slip, expressing disappointment at the several backordered items, but then deciding that she must open and examine each and every packet of “goodies” that did come.

According to Barbara this was a large order. It included a number of sea glass items, sodalite, turquoise, jasper, quartz, kyanite, etc. Unfortunately the print is so small on the packing slip that I likely missed a major category!

Since I’ve taken a more active role in our business, Magpiedreams, I sat fascinated with Barbara opening most of the bags and described the contents to me, letting me feel the items, etc. I especially loved the sea glass.

I imagine the love she has for her craft is the same many of you have for your crafts. You enjoy seeing new raw materials, you see the raw materials as far more than, say, a manager in a factory who oversees the raw materials brought into a manufacturing process. These beads, etc. mean far more to you and you likely get a sense of excitement when you order, go on group buys, visit your local bead store that may sell wholesale, etc.

For me it was exciting sharing in Barbara’s excitement at opening and examining “the box” and I think I know what to get her for Christmas now.